If you’ve decided to plan a trip out to the Badlands here are a few interesting sites that I’ve come across.

I highly recommend Thomas Henry’s page about visiting the Badlands as it was very helpful to our family when we planned our first trip to the Badlands. It has a substantial amount of information compiled neatly and without any advertising. The author also has information on many of the National Grasslands as well as other destinations in South Dakota and neighboring states. He also has an interesting page about the Pine Ridge Reservation which is encompasses the South Unit of the Park. You’ll need to use the “Complete Site Index” button or the navigation along the bottom of the pages to locate all the materials available.

Bob Sihler has also created a very nice page about the Badlands National Park on Summit Post. I quote, “SummitPost is a collaborative content community focused on climbing, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities. All of the site’s content is created and maintained by its members.” His Badlands page has a beautiful gallery of photos which show how dramatically the changing daylight can alter the look of the landscapes here. Some good advice for climbers and hikers is also included on this site.

For those tempted to try to find you first fairburn, here is a site to inspire and educate. They’re hard to find when you know what you’re looking for and even harder when you still not quite sure. Take a look around this site. I enjoyed the rock hounding stories and the collectors link where you can take a peek at what other people have found.