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Theodore Roosevelt once referred to the Badlands as having “a curious fascination” for him. That well describes our family’s experience with this wonderful place. Year after year the fascination continues as we discover the strange beauty within this park. We encourage you to enjoy this collection of information from one family’s encounters with the South Dakota Badlands.

Badlands National Park, sunset, overlook

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Badlands National Park was created to preserve the scenic and scientific value of a portion of the White River Badlands for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

Badlands - View to the South

Natural processes have uncovered and displayed a concentrated collection of rutted ravines, serrated towers, pinnacles, and precipitous gulches. The park contains world renowned paleontological features and geological formations of the Eocene and Oligocene epochs with recognized scientific and educational value. This spectacular setting contains a fine example of a vast mixed grass prairie ecosystem. The landscape encompasses legacy of human use and occupancy for thousands of years.